Kitchen Staff (Part-Time)

Job Summary:

Responsible for food preparation, food assembly, and general kitchen sanitation. Must have basic knowledge of kitchen equipment including knife handling. Must have basic knowledge on food temperatures. Responsible for maintaining a clean cooking and working area. Must maintain a polite relationship with the customers.

  1. Responsible for prep work of kitchen.
  2. Responsible for expediting the food.
  3. Responsible for cleanliness of work area.
  4. Responsible for receiving incoming food orders in-store and on the phone.
  5. Responsible for talking to customers and relaying an accurate estimate on food times.
  6. Responsible for taking in-store customers’ their food when ready.
  7. Responsible for handling money from customers for orders.
  8. Other duties as assigned.
Required Skills:
  1. Knowledge of kitchen sanitation.
  2. Basic reading and math knowledge.
  3. Ability to lift roughly 50 lbs on a daily basis.
  4. Ability to measure ingredients accurately and ability to follow recipes.
  5. Basic knowledge of cooking.
  6. Customer service experience preferred, ability to conduct yourself in a polite, friendly manner.
  7. Time comprehension skills.
  8. Ability to work in a team atmosphere.

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