Pricing Policy Disclaimer

At Doughby’s we make every effort to insure that prices and items listed on our menus are up-to-date and correct. However, the prices and items listed on our website menus are subject to change without prior notice.

When menu and/or price changes are made, those changes may not be immediately reflected on this website. We update our web pages as often and as quickly as we can. Sometimes these posts may be delayed for different reasons.

Doughby’s reserves the right to change menu items and/or the prices that accompany those items as they appear on the menus at our restaurant and website.


It is very important that, if you place an order with us you know and understand this policy/practice, since Doughby’s will not adjust menu items or prices at the time orders are made, even if they conflict with our web site menus and/or prices. We do guarantee that all items and prices that appear on our menus at the restaurant are accurate, though it may occur that some items on the menu may be unavailable on occasion.

Prices and items listed in any other website

We sell our products through a number of different online channels and we cannot always control when they are updated. We reserve the right not to accept a price listed on a site other than our own.

Contacting Doughby’s

If you have any questions about this pricing disclaimer you can use our contact page to send us a message. You can also write us an email to